Café Vescovi

For more than 80 years, the Premiata Torrefazione Vescovi has trusted its talented Master Roasters to create excellence: dedicated, passionate, hard-working men that obtain and roast only the perfect coffee, creating a Masterpiece – Grani d’oro. They have done this with great dedication from 1927 and, thanks to the latest technology, they can guarantee a standard of quality that can be seen in every perfect cup.

Teas & Coffees Below


Americano                      £2.00

Espresso                          £1.80

Double Espresso             £2.20

Cappuccino                    £2.30

Latte                                 £2.40

Macchiato                       £2.00

Mocha                              £2.50

Hot Chocolate                £2.50

White Hot Chocolate    £2.50

Decaffeinated (any)       £2.25

Shot Syrup                      £0.50


Taylors English Breakfast Tea £2.00

Birchall Teas… all £2.25

Green Tea

Green Tea & Peach


Lemongrass & Ginger


Red Berry & Flower

Organic Redbush


Pfunda Earl Grey

Great Rift